What IS a Social Business?

A social business is designed to create social benefits more so than profits, although "sustainability"  is also a goal.  Our mission here at Play Cafe is to provide product, service, education, training and community that our customers and workers alike are proud and happy to partake of and enjoy.  Our profits are reinvested into our business and community.  



     We are not here to get rich, so if you feel you need or deserve a discount, feel free to ask and we’ll see what we can do. We DO have to pay our rent, ourselves and other bills, so if you like what we’re doing, feel free to add a tip on to your credit/debit payment or toss some change or dollars in our tip jar. Also, feel free to "like"  Play Cafe LLC on Facebook and/or write positive reviews about us. 

If you REALLY want to do a class or lesson, but have little or no $, ask us about doing some work trade to make it happen..